Death by Inaction

07/08/2018 ourchildrensworld 0

It’s very easy to ignore issues that don’t affect us immediately.

Are we foolish enough to think these won’t come back to bite us?

Old School

11/07/2018 ourchildrensworld 0

Have our schools kept up with the needs of the world we live in? How should we best educate the next generation?

Hacking in Harmony

02/07/2018 ourchildrensworld 0

Should we choose to work together to best protect our most important systems from hacking? How does our current path reflect on the state of our humanity?

The Speed Of Change

26/06/2018 ourchildrensworld 1

The world is changing at a pace only our imaginations can keep up with. As our connectivity and communications ‘advance’, how do we keep our humanity intact?