Death by Inaction

It’s very easy to ignore issues that don’t affect us immediately.

Are we foolish enough to think these won’t come back to bite us?

I make notes all the time. On my phone, on my tablet and on scraps of paper. I do it when I learn new information or have the start of a great idea. It helps with work, writing, personal development and my home life. When thoughts come into my mind that I really don’t want to lose, I write them down and periodically review them. At least once a week I decide to either act on them or discard them.

There’s nothing worse than a wasted idea or piece of knowledge.

Having the ingredients to do something great but forgetting to is something I’m always worried about. Holding all the right jigsaw pieces but choosing not to put them together, though, is far worse. Collectively, we have the ability to learn almost anything but there is so much that we already know and do not act on. If information is the key, then we are often stood outside of our own house, freezing cold, not even making the effort to unlock the door. From global warming to our financial systems to our unsustainable diets, we are armed with factual warnings for our medium-term futures. Far too often, we opt to acknowledge these pieces of information without ever actually doing anything about them.

The stakes are much higher than our urgency would suggest.

Our society usually meets discovery with deliberation and debate. This is a practical approach, but sometimes, this means we stand still when we are required to react to the world around us. We are at risk of being the generation that predicted, observed and documented it’s own destruction. We have a tendency to make short term and local decisions, without enough consideration of the larger ramifications. Choices are made with a specific goal in mind – but the side affects are too often ignored. Our inability to learn from the consequences of our actions already brings us suffering. We are in a seemingly endless cycle of wars. We have an obsession with unhealthy lifestyle choices and we continue to destroy the planet we live on.

Despite the warnings, we continue  to let our inaction and tunnel vision sabotage our future.

The path in front of us will be decided by our collective direction. But we cannot underestimate the power of our individual choices. The generations after us have to be inquisitive enough to learn the truth and decisive enough to do what is required. Our children will need to value the wellbeing of every person on Earth. This will rely on their Communication and Empathy. Understanding and sharing each other’s stories is crucial to us making balanced decisions moving forward. I am excited for a time when our ability to master information and new technology is matched by our commitment to enhance the quality of life for as many people as we can. Our current reality is often the opposite – the abuse of knowledge for the maximum benefit of a small few. If I do not recall things that I should consider important, I miss out. When I fail to capitalise on a great idea, I stagnate. Moving forwards needs attention to detail and inspiration. If humanity continues to do nothing about situations that require our attention, though, the next generation may not even live long enough to resent us for it. Thank you for reading and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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