Lest?…We Forget.

11/11/2018 ourchildrensworld 0

After a century of remembering the lives of those lost in wars, are we doing enough to honour their memories and ensure the world is free from conflict?

Flat Earth Theory

08/10/2018 ourchildrensworld 0

‘Conspiracy theories’ should never be dismissed without examination. Conventional thinking evolves when we consider the impossible and challenge our assumptions.

Death by Inaction

07/08/2018 ourchildrensworld 0

It’s very easy to ignore issues that don’t affect us immediately.

Are we foolish enough to think these won’t come back to bite us?

Old School

11/07/2018 ourchildrensworld 0

Have our schools kept up with the needs of the world we live in? How should we best educate the next generation?